Embracing change and opportunity in sales profession

Embracing change and opportunity in sales profession
Standard-Examiner contributor
THURSDAY , JULY 30, 2015

The Professional Sales Department at Weber State University has experienced a couple of changes. Aaron Hall, executive director of our Sales Center, left with his family this summer to preside over the Texas Houston South Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mikelle Barberi-Weil has taken over as the new Alan E. Hall Sales Center director and is already using her talents to build upon the great foundation that Aaron was able to build.

I have been given the opportunity to serve as our department chair. All of our faculty and staff have been very helpful as I do my best to embrace this change.

During this time I have contemplated the other changes I have made during different time periods in my life and how they have made such a positive impact on my future. One change I would like to share happened when I was a sophomore in college. I had an average college job, which I was very grateful to have. I was working on a degree in business administration and had the thought that I ought to try to get a job that would give me experience relating to my degree.

As I checked the university’s job sites, one job stood out. It was a sales position for an insurance company. The money they were advertising had the potential to give me a big raise if I could be a producer. I decided to quit my current job and take a chance by making a change. I literally doubled my hourly wage my first week. More importantly, this change helped me realize my own strengths and led me into the professional sales field, where I found success in both sales and leadership roles.

Many others have found the value of becoming professional salespeople. The great thing about quality salespeople is that they are needed in all economic trends. If you can develop the skills to sell, you will always have a job. There are many companies here in Utah as well as globally that will hire as many quality salespeople as they can find.

There are many who would benefit by learning new sales skills or adapting their own skill set and starting a career in professional sales. I am not suggesting that every person quits their current job and join a sales force; however, it may be beneficial to test your own sales capabilities on a part-time basis. It may also be beneficial to come by our department and sign up for an introductory sales course where we teach more about the sales process and opportunities in the field. Although there can be a steep learning curve to excel in the selling process, people are making the change to professional sales every day and finding great opportunities. You could be next.

Blake Nielson is chair of the Professional Sales Department at Weber State University.

You can become a partner or member at the WSU Sales Center. Email salescenter@weber.edu and follow at www.facebook.com/wsusales or visit the website at www.weber.edu/salescenter.