Professional Sales News February 2017

2017 Collegiate DECA Advisor of the Year for the State of Utah - Vel Casler

WSU Collegiate DECA Students Win Big at the 2017

State Career Development Conference

1st Place Winners (4)

Ryan Dixon -Human Resource Management

Kane Spencer -Sales Management Meeting

Jared Ford -Professional Sales

Amy Green & Mitchell Gibb -Business-to-Business Marketing


2nd Place Winners (4)

Dennis Jacobson -Accounting

Braiden Van Brunt -Banking Financial Services

Royal Bateman -Sales Management Meeting

Amy Green -Professional Sales


3rd Place Winners (3)

Alecia Cressall -Marketing Management

Kane Spencer & Ryan Dixon -Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business

Garren Miles -Professional Sales

The following received recognition for

finishing as top six finalists of their events:


Saige Ellingford -Accounting

Alecia Cressall -Travel & Tourism

Camila Maguna -Sales Management Meeting

Gabe Taylor & Austin Schaper -Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies

Mitchell Gibb -Professional Sales

Landon Bickley -Professional Sales

Landon Bickley & Jared Ford -Business-to-Business Marketing

Ahban Williams & Austin Schaper -International Marketing

Saige Ellingford & Alexis Larsen -Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Mathew Byrne & Alton Chan -Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Congratulations and good luck at Internationals!