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Del Boca Vista


Welcome to Del Boca Vista. One of the many places where absolutely nothing happens. That’s right, nothing. Everybody is doing something, here at Del Boca Vista, they do nothing. They talk about importing and exporting through Vandelay industries, about how muffin tops are really the best part of the entire morsel, and why the airing of grievances should be a Festivus holiday tradition! 

Interestingly enough, there is a small restaurant at Del Boca Vista called Monk’s Cafe. You enter Monk’s and take a seat in the closest booth. Looking up, you see six very real, very spectacular pieces of art on the wall. 


The waitress walks up to your table and sees your interest in the artwork, and she begins rattling off the names of the people in the paintings. It takes you a moment before you realize that these names must mean something. 
The waitress mentions the people in the paintings in the following order:

  • Jerry, Kramer, Newman, Kramer, Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, Elaine, Frank, Newman
  • Jerry, George, Elaine, Frank, Newman, Kramer, Jerry
  • George, Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, Frank, Newman
  • George, Jerry, Kramer, Newman, Frank
  • Jerry, George, Elaine, Frank, Newman, Kramer, Jerry

When she finishes, she looks at you and waits for a response. To leave this vat of nothing and actually do something, you must provide a password.