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Chaos Theater


Welcome to the Chaos Theater, Scott Pilgrim, or Wallace Wells, or Knives Chau, or Young Neil, soon to be called Neil, or whoever you identify yourself as in this universe. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone here is Vegan anyway. The Chaos Theater is home to some of the most iconic music legends to ever grace us with their presence, or at least grace the streets of Toronto. We’re talking about huge bands, Crash and the Boys, the Rocket Baby Dolls, and The Clash at Demonhead!

The Chaos Theater is also the empire for The League of Evil Exes, or the 7 individuals who will stop at nothing to keep Ramona Flowers off the market. In this scenario, all seven of the evil exes approach you in a line. For some reason, you notice they all have numbers and figures and things above their heads. Which at first seems weird, but then again, you realize that this is a universe set in a cartoon video game/motion picture where people punch highlights out of each others’ hair, so anything goes. 

matthew patel lucas lee todd ingram

roxy richter ken katayanagi and kyle katayanagi gideon graves

The following clues help you identify how they are lined up. 

  • Kyle Katayanagi is furthest to your left. 
  • Matthew Patel is not next to Todd Ingram. 
  • Gideon Graves is not next to Roxy Richter or Todd Ingram. 
  • Neither Todd Ingram, or Gideon Graves are next to Lucas Lee. 
  • Roxy Richter is standing directly left of Lucas Lee. 
  • The Katayanagi Twins are as far apart as possible. 

As you stare at them on the main stage of the Chaos Theater, can you correctly place
the seven evil exes in order from left to right?

Solve the equation, and enter the code.