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robin sparkles

You have entered the correct password, which is the Canadian pop icon, Robin Sparkles, known for such hits as “Let’s Go to the Mall”, “Sandcastles in the Sand”, and “PS I Love You.” Easily, this legendary lady puts other Canadian musicians such as Rush, Bryan Adams, and BNL to shame. 

Now that you have unlocked this room, here is some information that will help you on your way. You might want to write this down. 

  1. The person you are looking for has never danced like a horrible trainwreck at their boss’s Christmas Party. 
  2. The above clue was brought to you by the letter J.

Here are the directions to your next destination. 

  • You leave MacLaren’s Pub and head east. 
  • At the sixth stop, you change trains and head south
  • You ride until the 14th stop before you change trains and head north. 
  • You get off at the 3rd stop. 

Good luck, Ted Evelyn Mosby.

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