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MacLaren's Pub


Kids, back in 2009, Ted Evelyn Mosby, and Marshall Eriksen jumped into their classy Pontiac Fiero to embark on a road trip from Wesleyan University in New York, to Gazzola’s, a pizza joint in Chicago. This road trip was filled with memories, including the song “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers being played on repeat and endless bottles of Tantrum. Tantrum, as you may know, is the highest caffeine level legally available over the counter, and is a product that has kept Ted and Marshall awake on many a road trip in the Pontiac Fiero.


Below are all of the bottles of Tantrum that Ted Evelyn Mosby and Marshall Eriksen drank on this infamous road trip, with a random assortment of letters on them.

tantrum photo. each ro contains the name of a city and a state, reading left to right. Eliminating the letters in these words will reveal the phrase you are searching for.

To earn your next set of directions, as well as your next clue, you must provide a password.