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Vamonos Pest Control


Welcome to Vamonos Pest Control. One of the best underground termite companies in the greater Albuquerque area. For those of you who understand this universe, you know that this isn’t a real company at all. It’s a cover. The man behind Vamonos Pest Control isn’t in the pest control business, he’s in the empire business. And you might want to stay out of his territory. 

Once you realize that everything underneath this tent is a sham, you decide to leave and grab a bite to eat a local joint around the corner, Los Pollos Hermanos. This place has some of the best fried chicken in the southwest. As you walk into the restaurant, the manager behind the counter, Gustavo, greets you with a smile and hands you a receipt. He then nods at you and points to the register in front of him. 

angel fish

You need to figure out the code and leave as soon as you possibly can. Tread lightly compadre, this is dangerous territory.