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Yo, Mr. White, that was like really awesome and stuff. You should, like, you know, write a book or something. You know, like, you really do have a plan and stuff. Like, you could get like magnets and stuff and make a whole lot of things get messed up. Now go back to your own private domicile where you won’t be harassed. 

Now. Here are some things you should know. You might want to get out a pen, because like, this is like 94% accurate. 

  1. The person you are looking for is American. 
  2. The above clue was brought to you by the letter E

Here are also the ingredients directions to your next destination. 

  • You leave Vamonos Pest Control and head east.
  • At the 3rd stop you change trains and head north. 
  • At the 5th stop, you change trains and head north. 
  • At the 3rd stop, you change trains and head east. 
  • You get off at the next stop. 

Now, say my name...

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