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Blips and Chitz

Blips and Chitz

Welcome to Blips & Chitz! The best unknown secret in the known universe. At least in this dimension. Here, you can play all kinds of games with a little help from Mr. Meseeks. The real one though, none of that Kirkland garbage. The best game here is Roy: A Life Well-Lived. One of the greatest games known in the universe. If you make it past level 55, you are totally off the grid. 

As you enter the arcade you see a note on the wall with some cartoon-looking scribbles on it. That’s kind of weird, because since when did cartoon characters learn how to write? Below is the note taped lazily up against the wall. 

rick's hit list

To earn your next set of directions, as well as, well geez man, I don’t need to keep explaining this stuff to you at this point. Now, you should get the gist. Figure it out and enter the code and stuff. I’m going to go play Minecraft.