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Cowabunga Dude!


That’s like totally awesome! You are one of the best for figuring out one of the most difficult problems. Now go ahead and have a slice of pizza, watch April O’Neill do some epic reporting, and enjoy the sweet mess of living in a sewer because life is best when it’s served bittersweet. 

Also, Splinter said to let you know of the following tidbits of info.

  1. You can see the entire face of the person you are looking for.
  2. The above clue was brought to you by the letter V

Here are the directions to your next destination. 

  • You leave Statler and Waldorf and head directly north
  • At the 4th stop, you change trains and head east 
  • At the 18th stop, you change trains and head south
  • You change trains at the next stop and head west
  • You get off at the 3rd stop. 

Best of luck, compadres, High Three on the way out!

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