Weber State University and DECA

Students at Weber State University did an exemplary job at the state DECA competition in February. Seventeen of the eighteen students placed in their competitive events and qualified for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) held next month in Orlando, Florida. This was a substantial growth from the seven students who placed at the state DECA competition the previous year.

“Obviously, we’re very proud of our DECA students and what they were able to accomplish this year at state.” Said Vel Casler, professor in the Professional Sales department, and advisor to the DECA club. “We know that when we send our students to any competition they will do well, and the results from the DECA competition reinforce that knowledge.”

The DECA club is a Tier-3 service organization sponsored by the Professional Sales department at Weber State University. The primary purpose of the club is to develop the presentation and persuasion abilities of its members and help them develop skills that will help them in the professional world. Members of the DECA club at Weber State come from multiple disciplines, with the primary major being Professional Sales, in addition to students in Marketing, Business, Interior Design, and Accounting. Students in the Professional Sales department involved with DECA are also qualified to graduate with honors.

“It was an awesome experience to see all of our members improve leading up to the competition.” Said Matt Everett, senior student in the Professional Sales department, and current President of the DECA club at Weber State. “To be able to have our whole group compete and do so well was what made all the work worth it.”

In addition to the competitive events hosted by DECA, Weber State students are also expected to compete in the England Logistics competitive selling event at ICDC. This is an additional competition targeting the persuasive and public relations skills of competitors through a case-study sponsored by England Logistics, a partner of the Professional Sales department. Competitors receive a $2,000 prize for a first-place finish, $1,000 for a second-place finish, and $500 for a third-place finish. Last year’s Weber State DECA President Mitch Gibb won the England Logistics competition at ICDC in Washington D.C.

Weber State often has a strong showing at ICDC every year with multiple students placing in various competitions. In 2018, six of the seven students placed in their competitive events, once again showing how strong the DECA club is at Weber State. Said Everett, “As we go to ICDC, I am very confident that Weber will do more than just compete, but take home some medals.”