WSU Collegiate DECA Students Win Big at the 2017

State Career Development Conference

1st Place Winners (4)

Ryan Dixon -Human Resource Management

Kane Spencer -Sales Management Meeting

Jared Ford -Professional Sales

Amy Green & Mitchell Gibb -Business-to-Business Marketing


2nd Place Winners (4)

Dennis Jacobson -Accounting

Braiden Van Brunt -Banking Financial Services

Royal Bateman -Sales Management Meeting

Amy Green -Professional Sales


3rd Place Winners (3)

Alecia Cressall -Marketing Management

Kane Spencer & Ryan Dixon -Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business

Garren Miles -Professional Sales

The following received recognition for

finishing as top six finalists of their events:


Saige Ellingford -Accounting

Alecia Cressall -Travel & Tourism

Camila Maguna -Sales Management Meeting

Gabe Taylor & Austin Schaper -Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies

Mitchell Gibb -Professional Sales

Landon Bickley -Professional Sales

Landon Bickley & Jared Ford -Business-to-Business Marketing

Ahban Williams & Austin Schaper -International Marketing

Saige Ellingford & Alexis Larsen -Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Mathew Byrne & Alton Chan -Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Congratulations and good luck at Internationals!

Weber State University Finishes Strong at DECA International Career Development Conference in Washington DC - April 19, 2016


The 2016 Annual Collegiate DECA Conference had over 1,300 attendees with over 275 campuses represented from the United States, Canada, and China. Weber State had only 7 students at the conference competing in different events. After the preliminary round of competition, Weber had 3 students receive medals and qualify to compete in the final events. This represents 43% of Weber State students making it to the final rounds.

Of the Weber State Collegiate DECA competitors that made it to the finals, 100% were invited to the stage of winners during the 2016 International Career Development Conference in Washington, D.C., to receive additional medals.

Weber State students received a total of 7 medals, 2 plaques and received 2 International Career Development Conference Awards of Excellence in Exceeding the National Standard of Performance.

Along with the competitive events, students engaged in educational academies, panel discussions, interactive training sessions and leadership focus groups. This year, the Collegiate DECA staff, Board of Directors and the Post-Secondary Council offered many meaningful experiences throughout the week for the Collegiate DECA students.

Weber State was responsible for creating and managing an International Sales Challenge event that had the largest number of participants at any new event ever offered at the International Career Development Conference.

Students listed below, are those Weber State individuals invited to the stage to receive medallions and plaques. 

Event Winners

Each of these Weber State students received winner’s plaques. 

Michael O’Bagy       1st  Place          Restaurant & Food Service Management

Jared Ford                 2nd  Place     International Sales Challenge

Conference Top Ten Medalists in Preliminary Competition

Weber State students invited to the stage to receive Top Ten medallions for their event.

Michael O’Bagy       Restaurant & Food Service Management

Jared Ford                 International Sales Challenge

Kane Spencer            International Sales Challenge


  Conference Grand Finalist

   Weber State students invited to the stage to receive Finalist medals for their event.


Michael O’Bagy       Restaurant & Food Service Management

Jared Ford                 International Sales Challenge

Kane Spencer            International Sales Challenge


Please join us in celebrating with all Utah students that participated in the 2016 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference.

 Another great “Educational Experience” provided through our professional Collegiate DECA student organization and dedicated advisors

Social Skills 
DECA gives you opportunities to brush up on your social skills to help you develop a professional image. 

The people, the places, the events and the friends!

You will belong to a nationally recognized sales, business and merchandising organization.

DECA offers you the opportunity to market yourself to a wide range of employers and fellow members at state and national conferences.

Job Opportunities
Employers recognize DECA members for competency in sales, business and merchandising.

Resume Building
DECA expands your qualifications for employment opportunities.

Increase in Starting Pay
DECA membership increases your value to future employers.

10 Reasons to Join DECA 


  1. Scholarships
    DECA offers scholarship opportunities.
  2. Travel: 
    You can travel across the country for conferences and competitions.
  3. Resume and Interview Skills
    Build your resume and practice interviewing.
  4. Professional Skills
    Apply skills you learn in Professional Sales courses at Weber State University.
  5. Friendships and Involvement
    Build friendships and get involved outside the classroom.
  6. Problem Solving
    Learn how to think on your feet and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  7. Extra Credit
    Extra credit is offered in Professional Sales courses.
  8. PS 2991
    Sign up for course PS 2991 to prepare for DECA competitions.
  9. Employment
    You have the opportunity to network with potential employers.
  10. Service Projects
    DECA participates in community service projects.