Super Staff Awards

The Super Staff Award is awarded every spring to six exempt and six non-exempt WSU staff members who have gone out of their way to help a student, another staff or faculty member, or one who displays outstanding professionalism in their job.

Nominations can be made by non-exempt, exempt and administrative staff or by faculty and students. The only criteria is that the nominee be an exempt or non-exempt staff member.

The committee evaluates all entries and outstanding awardees will be recognized and receive a $50 Amazon gift card and other fun prizes. Thank you for taking the time to recognize your colleagues.

2023 Winners

Exempt staff: 

  • Lisa Jamison
  • Kelsey Call
  • Kailey Price
  • Shaylee Stevens
  • Rainie Ingram
  • Cassandra Backman

Non-exempt staff:

  • Tammy Wayment (Watson)
  • Tracy Hicks
  • Aneisa Breinholt
  • Wendi Birch
  • Teauhna Chavez
  • Wendy Barker

Sodexo Catering Staff:

  • Jessica Alford
  • Jason Sample
  • Makena Page