Weber State Men's Rugby

ueThe Weber State Men’s Rugby team functions as a highly competitive club at Weber State University. We aim to compete nationally at an accelerated level of gameplay.  We function to bring competitiveness, excitement, and perspective to the student athletes of Weber State University.  Weber State Men’s Rugby will provide its members with the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to compete. Additionally its members will have an opportunity in becoming part of an everlasting brotherhood both on and off the field. 


WEBER STATE MEN'S RUGBY CLUB is a member of USA Rugby and is part of the Rocky Mountain Rugby Conference (RMRC) in the D2 Division.  Weber State competes in both 15's and 7's as a member of the RMRC and USA Rugby Union. Re-Established in 2004 we have continued a growth of competitive play and interest in rugby here in Northern Utah.



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  • Due to the COVID-19 Virus, all practices, games this spring Semeste have been canceled. We are planing to regroup around Fall of 2020.