Research, Scholarship and Professional Growth Committee

Proposal Form

Proposals must be submitted using the updated Google Forms linked below. For Spring 2023, older versions of the PDF or Word Documents will be accepted. 

To submit a proposal application, click on one of the links below.

Form 1:
RSPG Proposal Form

The RSPG Proposal Form is used for all requests in the Mid-Fall and Mid-Spring rounds. See the main page for grant categories and limits.

Form 2:
Travel Request Form

The Travel Request Form should only be used for the travel deadlines which occur in the first week of Fall and Spring semester and the last few weeks of Spring (for the upcoming summer semester.) The Mid-Fall and Mid-Spring deadlines are required to use the RSPG Proposal Form (above) EVEN if it is a travel request.


If you have difficulty accessing the proposal forms, please contact the RSPG committee chair, Sarah Herrmann,