Task Force Wildcat

The purpose of Task Force (TF) Wildcat is to provide a unique opportunity for Weber State University students to actively support Davis County County Search and Rescue (SAR). TF Wildcat's primary function is to serve as a volunteer force for the Davis County Sheriff’s Office. Our primary mission when working with them will be to aid Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

TF Wildcat will also aid in other community events, including community service projects, flooding and/or other disaster relief situations. Through this function we will incorporate many exciting training activities including high ropes training, disaster training and first responder medical training.

A secondary function of TF Wildcat is where the members get to enjoy the efforts they put into the community in the form of shooting events. TF Wildcat will attempt to resource frequent use of an indoor range for marksmanship training.  We will also incorporate military oriented firearms training in the form of shooting drills and eventually room clearing drills as an added bonus to club members.

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