Faculty Excellence and Collaborative Awards

At Home: Parents' Perspectives on Raising Bilingual Kids and Bilingual Education
Isabel Asencio, Pamela Payne, Electra Fielding, and Gina Lynn Shelley
Foreign language, Child & Family Studies, and Teacher Education

Development of Lead- and Tin-Based Perovskite Solar Cells
Brandon Burnett and Kristin Rabosky 
Chemistry and Physics

Presentation at BRIDGES 2016 International Conference
Julian Chan and Erik Stern
Mathematics and Performing Arts

Investigation of APEH as a Potential Biomarker
Tracy Covey and Matthew Nicholau
Chemistry and Medical Labratory Sciences

The Rights of Nature
Hal Crimmel

WGS-POLS Program Development and Two Publications
Alicia Giralt, Stephanie Wolfe, and Gary Johnson
Women & General Studies and Political Science

Bridging the Classrooms to the Greenhouse and the Garden
Sue Harley, David Aguilar-Alvarez, Barbara Wachocki, and Joan Thompson
Botany & Athletic Training and Nutrition

From Global to Local: UN Sustainable Development Goals
Marjukka Ollilainen

Preparing for More Than Labor: Developing Skills for a New Life
Carrie Ota and Pamela Payne
Child & Family Studies

Science Walks: Exploring Micro to Macro 
Stacy Palen and Kristin Rabosky

Performing and Masterclass in Spain with the WSU Symphony Orchestra
Shi-Hwa Wang, Yu-Jane Yang, and Francisco De Galvez
Performing Arts

Faculty Vitality Grants

Dawson Conference Presentation at Council for Exceptional Children
Fall 2015
Shirley Dawson, Teacher Education

Why Social Archaeology Matters
Fall 2015
Kristin Delucia, Sociology

2016 Big Sky Athletic Training
Fall 2015
Matthew Donahue, Health Promotion & Human Performance

International Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Fall 2015
Peter Loebach, Sociology

Sabbatical Research
Fall 2015
Robert Okazaki, Zoology

2016 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration
Fall 2015
Rick Orr, Engineering Technology

American Comparative Literature Meeting
Fall 2015
Julia Panko, English

Spring 2016
Michele Arnold, Physics

Solar Voltaic and Thermal System Training
Spring 2016
Fred Chiou, Engineering Technology

Dawson Conference Presentation at Council for Exceptional Children
Spring 2016
Shirley Dawson, Teacher Education

Why Social Archeology Matters
Spring 2016
Kristin Delucia, Sociology

Spring 2016
Jessica Greenberg, Performing Arts

Sewanee Writers' Conference
Spring 2016
Sian Griffiths, English

POGIL meeting
Spring 2016
Tim Herzog, Chemistry

Presentation at American Society of Ichthyologists
Spring 2016
Christopher Hoagstrom, Zoology

Dental Hygiene Symposium
Spring 2016
Frances McConaughy, Dental Hygiene

History of Technology Conference
Spring 2016
Rob Reynolds, Sociology

Solar Simulator
Spring 2016
Kristin Rabosky, Physics

New Faculty Grants

Bridging the Classroom to Greenhouse to Garden
David Aguilar-Alvarez, Athletic Training and Nutrition

Gordon Conference
Tracy Covey, Chemistry

AERA Conference
Roberto Garcia, Teacher Education

ACJA Conference
Heeuk Lee, Criminal Justice

Biomonitoring Air Quality
Heather Root, Botany

Bridging the Classroom to the Greenhouse to the Garden
Joan Thompson, Athletic Training and Nutrition 

Adjunct Faculty Grants

Writers' Workshop
Nathanael Myers, English

Transatlantic Networks of Moral Reform
Nathan Rives, History

Signing Training Naturally
Amelia Williams, Foreign Language/Services for Students with Disabilities