Faculty Excellence and Collaborative Awards

Effects of Roundup at Cellular Level in Brine Shrimp           
Nicole Berthelemy,  Associate Professor of Zoology
Genetic Markers for Artemia Parasites     
Nicole Berthelemy, Associate Professor of Zoology
Johnathan Clark, Professor of Zoology
Jason Frizler,  Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Educator Ethics in Laws, Codes, and Practice        
Shirley Dawson, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
From Bleak to Bonanza         
Eric Ewert, Professor of Geography
Empathy in Medicine, Literature, and the Arts       
Lauren Fowler, Sally Shigley, Tracy Callahan
Mozambique: Community Engaged Learning         
Alicia Giralt, Professor of Spanish
Joanne Lawrence, Professor of Performing Arts
Julie Rich,  Associate Professor of Geography
Capturing the Changing Urban Spaces of Ogden   
Pepper Glass, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Unheard Voices: Latino-Student Perspectives on Retention at WSU             
Kathryn MacKay, Professor of History
Jeff Richey, Assistant Professor of History
Katherine French-Fuller, Adjunct Professor of History
Oral Histories of Immigrants at the Crossroads - Ogden City           
Kathryn Payne, Sarah Langsdon, Joshua Winegar
Dance Science Fest         
Erik Stern, Professor of Dance
Adam Johnston, Professor of Physics
Microbiome of Halogeton            
Barbara Wachocki, Professor of Botany
Mohammad Sondossi, Professor of Microbiology

Faculty Vitality Grants

Presentation at 2014 International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities
Fall 2013
Craig Bergeson, Department of Foreign Languages

Paper Presentation at ICEE/ICIT
Fall 2013

Kirk Hagen, Department of Engineering

Evaluation of the Nonverbal Reading Approach for Students with Autism
Fall 2013

Patrick Leytham, Department of Teacher Education

Present at Annual Meeting of Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Fall 2013

Ron Meyers, Department of Zoology

Aeolian Sedimentation and Climatic Implications of the St. Anthony Dunes
Fall 2013

Julie Rich, Department of Geography

Presentation at Society of Integrative and Comparitive Biology Annual Meeting
Fall 2013

Michele Skopec, Department of Zoology

Life Amidst the Genocide
Fall 2013

Stephanie Wolfe, Department of Political Science

Travel to the 12th International Conference on Salt Lake Research
Spring 2014

Johnathan Clark, Department of Zoology

Research Presentation on Guatemalan Potable Water Samples and Viromics Workshop
Spring 2014

Matthew Domek, Department of Microbiology

Teacher Training Workshop and Orientation to GOSESO in Western Tanzania
Spring 2014

Bryan Dorsey, Department of Geography

POGIL Workshop in Tacoma, WA
Spring 2014

Marek Matyjasik, Department of Geosciences

Research Presentation at the 8th International Conference on Nemertean Biology
Spring 2014

Robert Okazaki, Department of Zoology

POGIL Workshop in Tacoma, WASpring 2014
Spring 2014

Michelle Paustenbaugh, Department of Chemistry

Present at The Visual Image & the Future of Medical Humanities ConferenceSpring 2014
Spring 2014

Sally Shigley, Department of English

Printmaking Summer Workshop @ "Frogman's" Spring 2014
Spring 2014

K Stevenson, Department of Visual Arts

2014 Writers at Work Conference
Spring 2014

Laura Stott, Department of English

New Faculty Grants

Multimodal Research of a Co-Requisite Course in Math & Creative Arts
Rachel Bachman, Department of Mathematics

An Exploration of Life, Loss, and Lessons Learned in Finegan Kruckemeyer's Contemporary Fairy Tale
Tamara Goldbogen, Linquist College of Arts & Humanities

CrisisART Festival and Conference Presentation
Jessica Greenberg, Department of Performing Arts

Acquisition of Communications Systems Experimenter
Christian Hearn, Department of Engineering Technology

Massachusetts Poetry Festival: "Monsters, Migrants, & Mutants"
Janine Joseph, Department of English

Assessment of Energy Balance and Nutritional Needs in the Backcountry
Cass Morgan, Department of Health Promotion and Human Performance

French Language Immersion
Kacy Peckenpaugh, Department of Foreign Languages

The General Prologue and Chaucer's Pilgrims through the Lens of Disability Studies
Samantha Seal, Department of English

Research Presentation to IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Conference
Yong Zhang, Department of Computer Science


Adjunct Faculty Grants

The correlates of educational performance in polygamist families
Jaclyn Knapp, Department of Psychology

Cannon Beach Poetry Workshop
Sunni Wilkinson, Department of English