Faculty Excellence and Collaborative Awards

Cognitive and Learning Sciences in Higher Education: Research, Instruction, and Dissemination              
Eric Amsel, Professor of Psychology
Kathryn Van Wagoner, Director of Developmental Math Program

Business at the Crossroads
Pepper Glass, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Kathy Payne, Associate Professor of Library Science
Kathryn MacKay, Professor of History
Sarah Langsdon, Associate Curator, Libary
Joshua Winegar, Associate Professor of Art

Pilot Information Literacy Tutorial for Elementary Students            
Shaun Jackson, Associate Professor of Library Science

Eye Tracking Laboratory
Sheree Josephson, Professor of Communication

The Science of Cooking from Molecules to Mouth              
Matthew Schmolesky, Associate Professor of Psychology
Barbara Trask, Associate Professor of Zoology

Dance Program Presents in San Francisco
Amanda Sowerby, Assistant Professor of Dance

OYE! Ogden Youth Empowerment            
James Zagrodnik, Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Human Performance

CAPES! Children's Adaptive Physical Education Study          
James Zagrodnik, Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Human Performanc


Faculty Vitality Grants

International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE) 33rd Annual Seminar
Fall 2012

David Byrd, Department of Teacher Education

The annual AMS joint mathematics meeting January 2013
Fall 2012

Julian Chan, Department of Mathematics

Presenting at the United Nations about Violence against Women
Fall 2012

Alicia Giralt, Department of Foreign Language

Presentation at the National Delta Pi Epsilon Conference
Fall 2012

Diana Green, Department of Network Technology & Business Multimedia

Attending 2013 AWP Conference
Fall 2012

Sian Griffiths, Department of English

Kid Excavator 2012
Fall 2012

Megumi Leatherbury, Department of Design Graphics Engineering Technology

Solo Art Exhibition in Brussels
Fall 2012

Jason Manley, Department of Visual Arts

2013 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration: Presentation to Engineering Technology Division
Fall 2012

Rick Orr, Department of Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Developing Evidence-Based Practitioners: Interpreting and Applying Special Tests Validity Statistics
Fall 2012

Jennifer Ostrowski, Department of Health Promotion & Human Performance

Windows to Batch: Dancers of the French Noble Period
Fall 2012

Amanda Sowerby, Department of Performing Arts

Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Healthcare Systems & Global Business Issues
Fall 2012

David Wyant, Department of Health Administration

Exquisite Morass: Presentation at WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD Conference
Fall 2012

Liese Zahabi, Department of Visual Arts

Traditional versus Experimental Teaching Methods on Student Learning
Spring 2013
Aaron Ashley, Department of Psychology

Two Gallons of Mountain Dew a Day: Chronicling America's Love Affair with Soda and Mountains
Spring 2013
Hal Crimmel, Department of English

Presentation at the International Halophiles Conference
Spring 2013

Michele Culumber, Department of Microbiology

Diversity of Bacteriophages in the Great Salt Lake
Spring 2013

Matthew Domek, Department of Microbiology

American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference Paper Presentation
Spring 2013
Jeremy Farner, Department of Engineering Technology

Paper Presentation at the International Conference of Engineering Education and Research
Spring 2013

Kirk Hagen, Department of Engineering

Attendance at POGIL National Meeting
Spring 2013

Tim Herzog, Department of Chemistry

National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia
Spring 2013

Valerie Herzog, Department of Health Promotion & Human Performance

A History of Species Delimitation Methods
Spring 2013

Jon Marshall, Department of Zoology

Travel to Present Three Posters at the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting
Spring 2013

Karen Nakaoka, Department of Microbiology

Presentation at the 2013 American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting
Spring 2013

Craig Oberg, Department of Microbiology

Research Presentation at the Summer Meetings of the Crustacean Society in Costa Rica
Fall 2013

Robert Okazaki, Department of Zoology

New Faculty Grants

National Athletic Trainers Association Annual Meeting      
Matthew Donahue, Department of Athletic Training
New Brighton: A Novel  
Sian Griffiths, Department of English
Collapsible Monuments: Solo Art Exhibition in Brussels      
Jason Manley, Department of Visual Arts
Resisting Rights Claims: Attorneys General and Judicial Federalism
Richard Price, Department of Political Science
Travel to the Central States Communication Association's Annual Convention         
Sarah Steimel, Department of Communication
Ceramics Artist's Research Tool  
Stephen Wolochowicz, Department of Visual Arts
Travel to Present at Human Computer Interaction International Conference            
Liese Zahabi, Department of Visual Arts
Travel to Support Research on Medical Informatics Projects           
Yong Zhang, Department of Computer Science


Adjunct Faculty Grants

This Chaos Will Somehow Work: Scripting and Staging Tristram Shandy at the Tercentenary Laurence
Sterne Conference, London 
Stephanie Heath, Teacher Education
Dance Program Tour to San Francisco      
Carrie Miles, Dance
Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient West Study Abroad Course Development        
Katie & Marc Nelson, Philosophy
Reason Kept Within its Own Province: Evangelicals and the Rationalist Other in the Early Republic              
Nathan Rives, History
An Untapped Source of Talent: Branch Rickey, the Pittsburg Pirates and R. C. Stevens          
John Sillito, History