New Faculty Projects - Faculty Vitality Projects - Collaborative Vitality Projects

New Faculty Projects

Learning the Bequerel Daguerreotype Process
Susan Barratt, Visual Arts

Exploring the Expertise of Nursing Assistants
Tamara Aird Chase, Nursing

The Question of Depression and Passive Suicide in "The Killers": A Consideration
Dr. Hal Crimmel, English

"Entropic States," A Site-Specific Installation for the Nicolaysen Museum
Susan Kanatsiz, Visual Arts

Assessing Musical Creativity
Thomas Priest, Performing Arts

"Simple/Sleep": a Solo Installation Exhibition and accompanying Lecture at the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University, Minnesota
Kathleen Stevenson, Visual Arts

Chemistry Demonstrations & Activities for Introductory Chemistry
Michelle Walker, Chemistry

Faculty Vitality Projects

Learning Spanish and about the Hispanic/Latino Culture
Dr. James Bird, Child and Family Studies
Support to become familiar with Hispanic culture by living in Costa Rica for 9 months while he learns Spanish.

Presentation at International Society of Teacher Educators
Dr. Rich Blake, Teacher Education
Funding to present "Teacher-Student Rapport Building for More Effective Learning" at the International Society of Teacher Educators in Denmark.

Botanizing Arid South Africa
Eugene Bozniak, Botany
Travel to South Africa and Namibia for four months to collect algae, photograph (both still and video) wildflowers, natural vegetation, botanical garden collections, and marine organisms, collaborate with researches\educators, and to transmit this information to others via the Internet. The creation of an electronic journal to share with faculty and students at Weber.

Participation in the "2002 Digital Stream Conference: Implications of Emerging Technologies for Teaching Language & Cultures"
Alicia Giralt, Foreign Languages
Present "Technology and Informed Writers" at the 2002 Digital Stream Conference in Monterey, California. This presentation results from classroom efforts using interactive technology to create student interaction in Spanish instruction. As part of this effort students communicate with foreign language newspapers and create their own on-line newspaper in Spanish.

Perceptions of Russia in German Military Leadership (1914-1918)
Dr. Oliver Griffin, History
Support to complete archival research in the Federal/Military Archives in Freiburg and the Foreign Ministry Archives in Berlin. An expansion of research focus to include the period of 1914-1918.

Workshop Sponsored by the American Society for Engineering Education
Daniel Magda, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
Support to attend the Annual American Society for Engineering Education Conference in Montreal for workshops on self directed learning, active/cooperative learning, and assessment.

Three Small Books: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Authors Terry Tempest Williams, Cees Nooteboom, and Roddy Doyle, and Two Visual Artists from Utah
Susan Makov, Visual Arts
An interdisciplinary collaboration of two visual artists and three writers which will result in three small limited edition letterpress books. The visual artists will design, illustrate, print and hand bind a small edition of chapbooks with each of the authors. These books will be part of a larger effort called the "Cat Project," involving over 150 authors and artists.

Workshop on Ethnicity and Governance in the Third World (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
Dr. John Mbaku, Economics
Teach a 5-day seminar on ethnic diversity in developing societies at the Center for Federalism at the University of Ibadan with two colleagues. The text for this workshop resulted from an international conference funded by the Ford Foundation.

Advanced Training in Information Architecture and Web Design
Dr. Kathy Payne, Library
Support to attend four 5-day New Horizons workshops in electronic Foundations, Site Designer, Application Developer, and E-Commerce and to attend the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Indianapolis. Funding request is for workshop fees.

Presentation of Paper at Annual Conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portugese (AATSP)
Dr. Jeffery Stokes, Foreign Languages
Presentation of paper, "Addressing the Larger Communicative and Cultural Goals in the Spanish Phonetics and Phonology Course," at the AATSP conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Adjunct Faculty Training
Dr. David Sumner, English
In response to the increased number of adjunct faculty teaching freshman English offerings, project enables adjunct English faculty to attend the English department's Fall Writing Conference and seven Writing Colloquia held each year.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Undergraduate Research Experience in Biology
Dr. John Cavitt, Zoology
Dr. Ron Meyers, Zoology
Dr. Karen Nakaoka, Micobiology
A pilot project to give undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct full-time independent research collaboratively with a faculty member from a life sciences department. Designed as a summer program the primary emphasis will be on research but will include weekly journal meetings and an end-of-program symposium.

Translating New China’s Cinema for English-speaking Audiences
Greg Lewis, History
Huiying Wei, Sociology
Translate and subtitle four Chinese films produced between 1949 and 1962. To introduce viewers to each of these films create video prologues on the political setting and the historical significance of the films, performances, and direction.