Faculty Vitality Projects

Enhancing the WSU Archaeological Field School
Brooke Arkush, Anthropology
Excavate and analyze artifacts from the Rock Springs, Idaho, bison kill site over three summers with the help of Weber State and Idaho State students and Shoshone-Bannock volunteers. Present papers at national and regional conferences and publish results. 

Botanizing Australia & New Zealand
Eugene Bozniak, Botany
Travel Australia and New Zealand for seven months colleting algae samples, photographing local flora for future multimedia presentations, collaborating with local educators, and transmitting information to WSU via Internet. 

Advanced 4-MAT Training
Colleen Garside, Communication
Attend training session on McCarthy model for addressing diverse student learning styles.

Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow for Automotive Applications
Kirk Hagen, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Attend a seminar sponsored by the society of Automotive Engineers to learn more about thermal behavior of electronic devices, a topic relevant to current WSU student projects funded by the National Science Foundation. Project results will be published nationally.

Remotely Accessible, Web-based Interactive Program for Library Orientation
Carol Hansen, Stewart Library
Develop a remotely accessible (for example, from the WSU Davis Center) orientation to library and information resources for students and faculty, using the Internet’s World-wide-Web. Publish and article on the project.

Field Test of Middle School Science Activities for Pacific Islanders
Cordell Perkes, Teacher Education
Offer workshops to middle school science teachers on Fiji and Raratonga Islands, then guide implementation of activities. 

Intermediate and Advanced Internal Audit Training Seminars
James Swearingen, Accounting
Attend training seminars at Louisiana State University as background for creating a new course in internal auditing.

Training Workshop for ARC/INFO, a GIS Spatial Analysis Software Program
Danny Vaughn, Geosciences
Attend a workshop offered by the architects of a much-needed software program being introduced into the Geospatial analysis program. 

Oracle Training
Floyd Wilkes, Information Systems & Technologies
Learn Oracle Client-server database software by attending both introductory and advanced training programs, then introduce it into the curriculum.

Translation of Friedrich Kittler's Grammophon Film Typewriter
Michael Wutz, English
At the invitation of the Stanford University Press, collaborate with a colleague at the University of British Columbia in translating and writing a scholarly introduction to this German media study.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Celebracion de Cultura
Amy Adams, Visual Arts
Forrest Crawford, Teacher Education
Joanne Lawrence, Dance
James McBeth, Visual Arts
William McVaugh, Psychology
Maria Parrilla-Vasquez, Psychology 
Tony Spanos, Foreign Languages
WSU Faculty and students will design, implement, and evaluate a Celebration of Culture Festival to climax the annual summer migrant program of Ogden City Schools.

Interdisciplinary Health Professions Education
Mary Ann Anderson, Nursing
Stephanie Bossenberger-James, Dental Hygiene
Mary Flo Bruce, Nursing
Kathleen Culliton, Nursing
Chris Elliott, Health Information Management
Marilyn Harrington,Health Professions 
Gordon James, Health Education 
Geraldine Matsumura, Nursing 
Randon Parker, Respiratory Therapy
Molly Smith, Physical Education 
Joan Thompson, Nutrition Education 
Virginia Vanderford, Radiologic Sciences
Team-teach an experimental, multi-disciplinary course based on actual cases from the local community, meant to introduce students to the complexity of health promotion and care. Evaluate the course as a potential curricular inclusion in both participating colleges and publish outcomes in a professional journal.

Enterpreneurship on the Internet
Phil Berger, Business Administration
Dolly Samson, Information Systems & Technologies
Develop a new course to help entrepreneurs compete in the marketplace by placing their marketing, customer service, public relations, and sales functions on the Internet. Present a paper on the course at a regional meeting and publish nationally.

Introduction to Ethnic and Women's Studies: American Institutions and Culture
Sally Bishop Shigley, English
Tracy Callahan, Theatre Arts
Thomas Kuehls, Political Science
Kathryn Mackay, History
Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Sociology 
Daily Oliver, Integrated Studies
Maria Parrilla-Vasquez, Psychology 
Wangari Wa Nyatetu-Waigwa, Foreign Languages
Create two writing-intensive, interdisciplinary, discussion-based courses on American Society and culture from the viewpoint of persons traditionally marginalized due to their race or gender.  

Shop Floor Control System Implementation
Andrew Drake, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Kelly Harward, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Design, implement, and test a computerized shop floor control system for use in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing instruction.

Adventure-based Learning in Interpersonal Communication
Colleen Garside, Communication
Becky Johns, Communication
Create a totally experiential course in interpersonal communication for the fall pre-term, based on attending an advanced-level Adventure in the Classroom workshop.

The European Union
Cheryl Hansen, Foreign Languages
Kevin McBeth, Accounting
Visit European Union administrative cities and attend Union sessions for three weeks, as background for a new course on business, cultural, economic, political, and social aspects of the Union, to be offered to language and business majors.

Ukrainian Nursing Exchange
Linda Hoffman, Nursing
Judith Pratt, Nursing 
Joan Thompson, Nutrition Education
Sharen Yancey, Nursing 
Visit Chernivsti, Ukraine, to conduct need assessments, consult on nurse training and health care, and present workshops.