Faculty Vitality Projects

Project Evaluation: Design and Implementation
Amelia Ahern-Rindell, Zoology
Attend National Science foundation workshop on project evaluation, then apply what is learned to evaluation of a currently funded project, and present a seminar to interested WSU faculty.

Czechoslovakian/Hungarian Prisons and Work Camps
Kay Gillespie, Sociology
Visit corrections facilities and make invited presentations to government officials in Prague and Budapest.

Participation in the Tel Miqne-Ekron Excavation Project
Wade Kotter, Stewart Library
Participate as a professional staff member on an archaeological excavation in Israel in preparation for a new teaching assignment in biblical archaeology. 

Cultural Awareness in a Multi Cultural Society
LaRae Larkin, Center for Social Science Education
The Ogden Area History Alliance’s summer workshop and monthly seminars for selected history and government teachers in the region. 

Advanced Stage Combat Study
Joanne Lawrence, Performing Arts
Participate in two workshops in successive summers, seeking recertification as an Actor Combatant.

An Analysis of Encounter Sampling in Wilderness Areas
Clifford Nowell, Economics
Involve students in research on recreational use of wilderness areas of interest to the Forest Service, which will also provide material for coursed in quantitative analysis. 

Art and Architecture of China and Russia
Angelika Pagel, Visual Arts
Study art history of this region through on-site visits and photography of collections and monuments. 

Pacific Rim Lecture Series
Shane Schvaneveldt, Business Administration
Extend the public lecture series for one year to bring in six additional visitors. 

Hazardous Materials Management Education
Mohammad Sondossi, Microbiology
Enroll in four graduate courses offered by Wayne State University through Weber State’s Center for Environmental Services.

Partnerships for Educational Opportunity: Bonneville Elementary School and Weber State University
Joan Thompson, Health & Physical Education
Develop and disseminate instructional materials on heathy lifestyles for elementary children and their families as part of an ongoing partnership with Ogden City Schools. 

Summer Session of The American School of Classical Studies in Athens
Perter Vernezze, Philosophy
Attend six-week session in Athens, Greece, to gain historical perspective on classical civilization.

Computer Studio for Costume Design
Catherine Zublin, Performing Arts
Acquire expertise in computer-assisted costume design. Carry out a comparative study of student performance in traditional and computer-aided design assignments.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Transcultural Diversity Learning Within the Framework of an International Partnership
Mary Ann Anderson, Nursing
LeAnne Parker, Nursing
Visit Xalive, Guatemala, to assist in developing a health care clinic, assessing villagers health, and developing realistic strategies for intervention. Return the following year with a student delegation. 

Summer Workshop for Language Teachers from Mexico
Robert Belka, Foreign Languages
Colleen Castillo, English as a Second Language
Mark Peterson, English as a Second Language
Tony Spanos, Foreign Languages
Organize and present a two-week workshop for faculty form the Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna on teaching strategies to build language proficiency.  

University-wide Faculty Roundtables on Satellite Communications for Learning (SCOLA)
Robert Belka, Foreign Languages
Sarah Tinkler, Economics
Introduce faculty to uses of the SCOLA network in their classes through a series of roundtables on themes drawn from recent SCOLA coverage. 

Recognizing America: American Regional Cultures
Sally Bishop Shigley, English
JoDee Dyreson, History
Mark Dyreson, History
Robert Hogge, English
Kathryn MacKay, History
Chris Padgett, History
Michael Wutz, English
Form a "learning community" in American history and literature that will create a series of six team-taught courses, each focusing on a particular regional culture( New England, the South, the West, Borderlands, the Middle border, the Metropolis). The focus would be on new multicultural scholarship in regionalism and cultural studies, and the format would stress writing discussion.  

WSU Regional High School Model United Nations
Nancy Haanstad, Political Science
LaRae Larkin, Center for Social Science Education
Initiate an on-campus regional Model UN attractive enough to become self-sustaining in subsequent years. 

CNC Machine Tool Adaptor for Rapid Prototyping
Kelly Harward, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Larry Leavitt, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Jim Wright, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Gain new cutting-edge technological expertise by visiting appropriate sites and developing an adaptor kit for converting computer-numerically controlled machinery into a more versatile tool. 

Interdependence in a Global Society
Kathleen Herndon, English
Priti Kumar, English
Linda Oda, Teacher Education
Present a workshop on infusing multicultural literature into courses at elementary, secondary, and college levels at the Asian Reading Congress in Singapore. Establish ties for potential exchange programs with Asian literacy educators.  

Gender in Science and Literature
Gloria Wurst, Zoology & Women’s Studies
Michael Wutz, English
Design and implement a cross-disciplinary Honors course exploring ways in which gender is implicit in the writing of scientific and literary texts.