Faculty Vitality Projects

6S (Success)
Tammy V. Abernathy, Teacher Education
Supervise pre-service special education teachers in weekly practica, giving secondary students at risk supplemental instruction to encourage their transition to jobs.

Probe Selection for Antelope DNA Fingerprinting
Ameli Ahern-Rindell, Zoology
Used resource of federal DNA lab in Oregon to facilitate student research on Antelope Island Pronghorn heard. 

Art Education in Mexico: A Cross-cultural Project
Miguel Alamaza, Visual Arts
Study current state of art education in another country by visiting primary and secondary schools and teacher education programs in three Mexican states. Explore possibility of future student and gallery exchanges. 

A Campus Visit by an International Expert in Multi-cultural Education
Robert W. Belka, Foreign Languages
Bring eminent visitor to campus for two-day workshop aimed at helping university and school teachers understand how language and culture condition their perceptions. 

Pacific Rim Luncheon Seminar Series
Dean W. Collinwood, Sociology
Bring experts on Asia to campus for monthly seminars. 

Introduction to Honors
Ronald Deeter, English
Design and teach an introductory course in great ideas of Western, Eastern, and Modern civilization to serve as prototype for an Honors core Curriculum. 

Professional Development: Microsoft Tech-Ed ‘94
Wan Fu Chi, Economics
Attend conference to learn skills for development of multi-media instructional programs.

Speaking Excellence Across the Curriculum (SPEAC) Spring Conference
Colleen P. Garside, Communication
Annual campus conference on speaking-to-learn activities in the classroom. 

Algebra for College Students
Afshin Ghoreishi, Mathematics
Create study modules for students to use computers in solving real-world problems, with goal of improving learning in college algebra. 

Digital Computer Video Library of Medical Procedures
G. Craig Gundy, Health Sciences
Videotape hospital procedures and convert to digital format for CD-ROM technology; develop procedures for using digital video in all fields. 

Shamanistic Methods in the Martial Arts
Ronald L. Holt, Anthropology
Apprentice to a Japanese master of ninpo bugei, in order to do anthropological research on shamanistic aspects of the art.

Computer Animation and Interactive Media
James C. Jacobs, Visual Arts
Learn new software and develop a course in animation and interactive media.

History Alliance
LaRae Larkin, Center for Social Science Education
Develop a year-ling program, "Human Rights: Issues of Justice in a Global Age," for university and school faculty together to find ways of integrating the topic into secondary classes.

Establishment of a Muscle Function Laboratory
Ron A. Meyers, Zoology
Equip a muscle histochemistry laboratory for undergraduate research.

SMART: A "Science and Math Hands-on Resource for Teaching" Lab in the WSU Center for Science Education
Richard N. Vineyard, Center for Social Science Education
Equip a teaching lab/resource library to aid current and future elementary teachers in implementing Utah’s new science and math core curriculum. 

Creating Instructional Materials for Swahili
Wangari Wa Nyatetu-Waigwa, Foreign Languages
Travel to Tanzania to collect authentic materials for proficiency-based teaching os Swahili; explore study abroad and student exchange possibilities with University of Dar es Salaam. 

Collaborative Vitality Projects

Teaching "TIPS" Teachers
Georgine W. Bills, Respiratory Therapy 
Kathleen M. Lukken, Academic Affairs
Yasmen Simonian, Clinical Laboratory Science
Design and present workshop to train former faculty participants in Teaching Improvement Project System(TIPS) to present future sessions for colleagues.  

Faculty Training: Team Leadership (Blanchard Institute)
Rick L. Dove, Sales & Service Technology
Lloyd A. Ott, Sales & Service Technology
Earn certification as team leadership skills instructors and create custom course in partnership with a leading training company.  

Faculty Instruction in Malaysia
David A. Durkee, Accountancy
Carol Hansen, Library Science
Sarah E. Tinkler, Economics
Consult and present workshops in accounting, economics, and library science at Universiti Utara Malaysia; explore sister-university relationships.  

Precollege Preparation for College-level Studies in American History
LaRae Larkin, Center for Social Science Education
Gene A. Sessions, History
Collaborate with local secondary teachers in developing a guidebook for teachers to prepare students for American history, in light of recently promulgated national standards.  

Faculty Trio Preforming Tour of Taiwan
Michael A. Palumbo, Performing Arts
Shi-Hwa Wang, Performing Arts
Yu-Jane Yang, Performing Arts
Prepare for and execute a concert tour in Taiwan. Contact potential exchange students.