Faculty Vitality Projects

Institute for Faculty Development: Project for Faculty Research
Colleen Garside, Communication
The faculty member will attend a series of institutes for guidance in assessing effectiveness of "Speaking Across the Curriculum" activities in helping students learn course content. 

Tasmania's Point Puer: Island of Boy Convicts
Kay Gillespie, Sociology
The faculty member and a group of students will travel to Tasmania for historical study of corrections there, to establish contacts for future research, and to gather resources to enrich WSU courses with a cross-cultural perspective.

France and Europe in the Marketplace
Cheryl Hansen, Foreign Languages
The faculty member will study in France as background for creating a course in business French to support an international business emphasis in the College of Business & Economics. 

Critical Thinking and Teaching Effectiveness Revisited
Doug Laufer, Accounting
The faculty member will extend ongoing effort to integrate information on critical thinking into the accounting curriculum. 

Expansion and Improvement of Planetarium Outreach Programs
John Sohl, Physics
The faculty member will supervise installation of an automated control system for the Ott Planetarium and program existing programs for schools into the new system.

Workshops: WordPerfect 5.2 Windows and WP Presentations 2.0
Alden Talbot, Business Education/Administrative Systems
The faculty member will attend workshops on these newer software packages, in order to update the departmental curriculum.

Pilot Teaching and Evaluation of Integrated Science Courses for Prospective Elementary Teachers
Richard Vineyard, Center for Science Education
Faculty will teach recently developed, innovative courses in an experimental setting that allows assessment of effectiveness relative to traditional general education classes.

Computer Graphics and Science Databases as Learning Tools in General Education Science Courses
James Wilson, Geology
The faculty member will develop compute exercises for general education geology classes, creating a learning system transferrable to other academic fields, for which he can serve as a consultant.

Collaborative Vitality Grants

Assessing Effectiveness of Davis County Summer Science Program for Secondary Students at Risk
Tammy Abernathy,Teacher Education
Richard Vineyard, Center for Science Education
The faculty members will design and execute an evaluation procedure for an innovative program funded by the National Science Foundation in the Davis Country School District. 

Written, Oral, and Interpersonal Communication Across Cultural Boundaries in the Workplace
Lon Addams, Business Administration
Lyall Crawford, Communication
Mahalingam Subbiah, English
Wangari Waigwa-Stone, Foreign Languages
The faculty members will design and teach a unique cross-disciplinary course addressing the need for cultural awareness in the marketplace and cultural interference in communication.  

Asian Studies Alliance: Program Start-up
Dean Collinwood, Sociology
Morris Sterrett, Criminal Justice
The faculty members, together with colleagues in Criminal Justice, Foreign Languages, and Teacher Education, all of whom have Asian experience or heritage, will host international visitors and speakers, publish a news letter, initiate a film series, create Asian student organizations, and create a new travel-study course on cultures and languages of the Pacific.

Teaching and the Case Method
Dan Fuller, Economics
Michael Vaughan, Business & Education
The faculty will attend a workshop, present a seminar for WSU faculty on the case method of teaching, and write original case studies based on northern Utah manufactures for use both in the undergraduate curriculum and non-credit executive training courses.  

Internationalizing "Introduction to Women's Studies"
Nancy Haanstad, Political Science
Wangari Waigwa-Stone, Foreign Languages
The faculty members (one of whom is a native of Kenya) will reorient the introductory Women’s Studies course with materials and speakers on the lives of Asian, African, and Latin American women. After piloting the revised course, they will present a workshop for other potential instructors of the revised course. 

Multiculturalism in the United States: Putting Theory into Practice
Kathleen Herndon, English
Priti Kumar, English
The faculty will attend a seminar to enhance their grasp of multicultural issues and how to infuse them into the curriculum. They will then revise and teach specific courses in writing and literature.