Faculty Vitality Projects

Zoology Senior Thesis Enhancement
Carl D. Marti Jr., Zoology
To provide a modest research fund for undergraduates to draw upon in order to complete a research project and theses as a capstone of their undergraduate experience.

Summer Language Camp
Anthony Spanos, Foreign Language
Local secondary Spanish teachers who lack extensive experience abroad will be selected to participate in this program design to build their proficiency in the language. All activities will use Spanish exclusively. 

Reason and the World
Peter Vernezze, Philosophy
Aimed at developing and assessing students’ skills in critical thinking, writing, and speaking in which news and opinion media will be used to examine contemporary political, ethical, and legal debates.

Collaborative Vitality Projects

College Algegra: A Graphing and Analytical Emphasis
Dixie Blackinton, Mathematics
Diane Pugmire, Mathematics
An experimental approach to teaching college algebra employing graphing calculators as tools to reduce concentration on computations and symbol manipulations, freeing students to focus on the underlying mathematical ideas and to explore problem solving strategies.

The Global Connection: Gender in Myth, Literature, and Society
Dean Collinwood, Sociology
Judith Elsley, English
Neila Sheshachari, English
An Honors course integrating disciplines in the humanities and social sciences designed to broaden students’ cultural understanding and strengthen their writing skills.

Critical Understand and Expression
Ron Deeter, English
Brad Roghaar, English
Created for the Early College to give high school seniors and intensive introduction to the demands of college study for writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

Women’s and Multicultural Voices Across the Curriculum
Carol Hansen, Library
Priti Kumar, English
An intensive, off-campus retreat for people representing the full spectrum of the university’s faculty. Nationally recognized leaders will acquaint participants with current scholarship on gender and multicultural issues and with strategies for incorporating these diverse perspectives into their teaching.