Dr. Arthur Adelmann (1999)

"I was very surprised to receive the Hinckley Fellow Award because I have worked with what I consider to be outstanding faculty and colleagues at WSU. Those who received the Hinckley Award prior to me had extraordinary accomplishments. I did feel a bit humbled when President Thompson told me I was the 1999 recipient. In fact at one time I think I said, "Someone has made a mistake!". An award of this nature truly warms the heart. I was especially pleased to find out my nomination was submitted by my colleagues. That means very much to me. The award ceremony in the spring of 1999 was beautifully done, and the student string quartet was lovely. Although retired from WSU, I plan on maintaining connections with the campus and I will visit often to see my friends and colleagues. I should clarify, I am not "retired", but simply "not teaching". I am an artist, and I will continue to paint, read, travel, learn new languages (and practice the ones I already speak). Some day, after I'm all settled in my new home in Southern Utah, I would like to do some work for WSU, perhaps hold some workshops in Torrey. I live in a very beautiful part of the state and would enjoy helping others appreciate the beauty of Southern Utah." - Arthur Adelmann

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