Dr. Gene A. Sessions (1991)

"It was an amazingly delightful experience for me to receive the first John H. Hinckley Fellowship in 1991. I consider it the highest honor I have received or might ever receive from Weber State University. It has become even more meaningful to me as the succeeding Fellows have been named. The privilege of being counted as part of such an esteemed group of my colleagues gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. As I revisit this honor every year when the new Fellow is named, I remember fondly my association with Mr. Hinckley himself. I recall sitting in a meeting with him years ago when he expressed with some visible emotion his deep love for Weber and his belief that it had become the most important element of the local community. Having spent virtually my entire life in that community and at Weber, I was moved greatly by that pronouncement. That his name and generosity have been a benefit to me, my colleagues, and our students, is thus particularly meaningful to me."  
-- Gene A. Sessions

History Department