Expenditure Guidelines for funding from RSPG, Hemingway and Presidential Distinguished Professor Awards


Mileage Reimbursement Only:

Process through PAWPlace and then assign the cart to to input the accounting information.

WSU Vehicle:

In lieu of driving your personal vehicle, you may obtain a vehicle from the WSU Motor Pool.

Call Fleet Management at x7643 for more information.

Travel Log:

Prior to your trip start a travel request under Travel Request and Reimbursement in the portal.

For Funding, put in the default index code for your p-card. Do NOT fill in the Grant number (this is for external grants only).

After your travel, complete the Travel Reimbursement form in the portal. Send a printout of the completed form and/or your p-card statements to Lisa at MC 1004 (or e-mail it to Lisa at so she can fill in the appropriate index and sign it. She will then return it to you so you can reallocate the charges.

Travel Expenses:

Travel should be paid for with a purchasing card (p-card). A p-card is a MasterCard so it is accepted like any other credit card. 

If you need to get a p-card see

Additional information about travel policies and procedures is available at