Expenditure Guidelines for funding from RSPG, Hemingway and Presidential Distinguished Professor Awards


Mileage Reimbursement Only:

Process through PAWPlace and then assign the cart to to input the accounting information.

WSU Vehicle:

In lieu of driving your personal vehicle, you may obtain a vehicle from the WSU Motor Pool.

Call Fleet Management at x7643 for more information.

Travel Log:

Prior to your trip start a travel request under Travel Request and Reimbursement in the portal.

For Funding, put in the default index code for your p-card. Do NOT fill in the Grant number (this is for external grants only).

After your travel, complete the Travel Reimbursement form in the portal. Send a printout of the completed form and/or your p-card statements to Betty at MC 1004 to have your expenses reallocated.

Travel Expenses:

Travel should be paid for with a purchasing card (p-card). A p-card is a MasterCard so it is accepted like any other credit card. 

If you need to get a p-card see

Additional information about travel policies and procedures is available at