Expenditure Guidelines for funding from RSPG, Hemingway and Presidential Distinguished Professor Awards


To make purchases on campus:

Contact Betty at x7124 for the appropriate cost code to charge.

Please be sure to send copies all of receipts to Betty at MC 1004.

To make purchases off campus under $1,500:

Use a WSU purchasing card (p-card) and then send a copy of your p-card statement to Betty at MC 1004 to have the charges reallocated.

Refer to the Purchasing website for more information.

To make purchases off campus for over $1,500:

Refer to the Purchasing website and/or contact them to determine when you must request bids.

Process a requisition in PawPlace on your department index/cost code. When a PO number is issued by Purchasing, send that number to Betty (bkusnierz@weber.edu) and she will reallocate the appropriate amount.

Note: If the total funding for the requisition is coming RSPG, Hemingway, etc., you may assign the PawPlace cart to Betty to have it charged directly to the applicable account.