Purchasing Card Program Overview

Purchasing Card Facts



Using a Purchasing Card (P-Card) allows employees to obtain goods and services more efficiently, reduces paperwork and processing time for departments, and provides cost savings through consolidated payments by the Purchasing department.  The P-Card allows the buyer of goods and services to contact vendors directly, including making in-person, telephone, and on-line purchases.  Purchases can be made for most items costing less than $1,500 with merchants that accept MasterCard.  P-Cards are not intended to replace all methods of purchasing, rather to complement the existing purchasing processes.


  • Purchasing Card User's Guide (PDF)
  • Contract employees of Weber State University are eligible to be a cardholder
  • All purchases are for Weber State University business only
  • P-Card must be kept secure.  Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the issuing bank (1-800-316-6056) and to the Purchasing Card Coordinator (801) 626-7113.
  • The P-Card is non-transferrable and cannot be used by anyone other than the cardholder
  • Each transaction must be properly documented
  • Monthly statements must be kept on file for 6 years and signed by the cardholder, supervisor and reconciler.
  • Initial training is done in-person.
  • All P-Cards are subject to annual audits by Internal Audit. 

  • P-Cards cannot be used to purchase items that exceed the single transaction limit or items on the Restricted Items list.
  • P-Cards can be authorized for Purchases Only, Travel Only, or for Purchases AND Travel. Authorization is granted by immediate supervisor.
CARD LIMITS - Standard* limits are established as follows:
  • Purchases - $1,500 per single transaction, $7,000 monthly limit
  • Travel - $7,000 per single transaction, $7,000 monthly limit
  • ATM - Only authorized for foreign and/or group (student) travel and must be pre-approved in writing by the appropriate Vice President.
*Lower limits can be established by direction of employee's supervisor.  Higher limits must be approved by the supervisor and Director of Purchasing.  A written request by the supervisor for higher limits must be submitted to the Purchasing Card Coordinator.