Research Requirements and Consequences

Ways to Meet the Requirements 

Alternative 1: Research Participation

You may participate in two and a half (2.5) hours of research approved by the Psychology department. Each hour of participation equates 4 credits or every 15 minutes of participation counts as 1 credit. Therefore, you will need a total of 10 credits. 

Each semester, research is conducted on a wide range of psychological phenomena (e.g., learning, perception, social behavior, psychological testing, and biological bases of behavior).  

In order to participate, you will need to create an account through Sona Systems. Sona Systems provides an easy method for you to sign up and participate in studies. All credits earned for participation will be tracked in Sona and monitored by your instructor.

To get started, please refer to the Student Participant Documentation, and the Sona Participant YouTube tutorial. **NOTE: the YouTube tutorial is generic, whereas the documentation is specific to Weber State. When creating an account, please provide the specified data requested in the documentation. You can view studies through your SONA Systems account. Know that studies are made available as they are approved. Check your account often for new studies to be posted.

When participating in an Online Survey Study, please be sure to complete the ENTIRE survey and in ONE session or sitting. If you do not, credit will not be assigned to you.

If you experience problems with creating your account, email the Lab Manager at

Student Participation Process:

Alternative 2: Article Reviews

You may read peer-reviewed journal articles from one or more areas of psychology and write about them. Individual instructors vary on what they will accept for this assignment, but you can expect to generate a minimum of 375 words of quality writing about each article in order to earn one hour of credit toward the Research Requirement. Articles can be found by clicking here.

Alternative 3: Research Observation

You may observe on-going research and write a report about it. In view of the demands on the time and facilities of researchers, only a few individuals can be accommodated with this alternative. It will be up to you to make your own arrangements with a researcher to meet the requirement this way. 

Students must receive pre-approval from their instructor before completing the Research Requirement by means of Alternative 2 or Alternative 3. Check with your instructor concerning the deadline for the pre-approval of projects or materials for your section of the course. You should, however, aim to obtain approval by mid semester. All work for the research requirement must be completed and/or turned in by One week before the last day of class. 

Consequences of Not Meeting the Requirements  

A percentage of your grade is earned by successfully completing some combination of the research-related alternatives described above. Not meeting the requirement will impact your overall grade. Each instructor determines the amount of points associated with research participation. Therefore, you will need ask your instructor for details or look at the syllabus.