Sarah Herrmann, Ph.D.

Brief Biography

 I was born and raised in Arizona. As an undergraduate, I studied Psychology at the University of Arizona, where I gained valuable experience working as a research assistant in several labs. I received my master's degree and doctorate in Social Psychology from Arizona State University. I began working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Weber State University in 2017. 

Broadly, my program of research explores the impact of underrepresented identities (e.g., social class, ethnicity, gender) on experiences and performance in academic contexts. I am also interested in theoretically-based interventions to improve the educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds (e.g., ethnic minorities, women in STEM). 

I am passionate about teaching and mentoring, and previously taught a variety of courses at Arizona State University, Glendale Community College, and for the ASU Prison Education Program. I am committed to building inclusive classroom and lab environments with an emphasis on growth and skills that can be used in future courses and careers. 

In college, I worked as a pastry chef for five years at Raging Sage Coffee Roasters in Tucson, AZ. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and eating, gardening, traveling, hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing.