Cade Mansfield, Ph.D.



Brief Bio

I earned my PhD. from the University of Utah where my training focused on developmental psychology. After a brief and enriching experience as a faculty member at The University of Wisconsin-Superior I was fortunate to be able to return to Utah to join the faculty at Weber State University - where my wife says I will be staying for a long time…because it is warm here.

My research program revolves around understanding how people create “gain from pain”. More specifically, I examine the extent to which narrating growth from negative events supports positive functioning such as feeling an overall sense of well-being and the tendency to be compassionate and forgiving of self and others. Narrative is central to my work because when we narrate we make meaning of our experiences and construct knowledge about the self and social world. Along with others I think that narrating shapes our memories of experiences, our personalities, our self-concept, and narrating can promote positive functioning.

I enjoy teaching a range of courses such as Introductory Psychology, Child Development, and Adolescent Development. I am excited to be part of the Weber community. I look forward to working with students in the classroom as well on my own research projects and student-led research projects.