Azenett Garza, Ph.D.

Social Psychology

          Brief Bio

I was born in Mexico but moved to the United States when I was only 40 days old so that my father could start his medical training at Harvard University. After my father finished that and his residency in San Antonio, Texas, family moved to back to Mexico but only until I had finished 5th grade. We then moved back to Texas where I did the rest of my elementary, middle, & high school education. I did my Bachelor’s work at the University of Texas at San Antonio and my Master’s and Doctorate work at the University of Texas at El Paso. I began working as an Assistant Professor at Weber State University the Fall of 2002.
My research involves investigating issues of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. More specifically, I have investigated how focusing on an individual’s and a group’s uniqueness helps improve the evaluation of others. I have also investigated how prejudice reduction methods might work differently depending on the ethnic status of a person. In other words, how effective different prejudice reduction methods work depends on whether a person is from an ethnic minority or an ethnic majority.
I am married and have four wonderful kids: two beautiful daughters (Sofia Quetzalli and Nadya Yolihuani) and two beautiful twin boys (Ulises Zeferino and DanteTonauac). I enjoy dancing, reading, traveling, going to movies and watching TV, exercising (hiking, yoga, Pilates among others).


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