Psychology 1010 Instructor Information

Psychology 1010 Student Research Process Summary 

The current policy in the department is that all students enrolled in face to face and online Introduction to Psychology (1010) courses be involved in a minimum of 10 credits of research. A credit is defined as 15 minutes of involvement in an approved research activity. Therefore, each student needs to participate in at least 2.5 hours of research during the semester. Students may choose from one of three options. First, students may choose to act as participants in psychology related research projects. Second, students may observe research as it is being conducted and complete a written assignment on their experience and observations. Third, students may review professional journal articles and submit article reviews (for more details about the student research requirement see the following link Student Research Requirement). Students may choose any combination of the three activities outlined to complete the required hours. Student involvement in the first research related activity will be tracked by the Department of Psychology’s Human Subjects Committee. The last two research activities must be tracked by you as an instructor. 
As an instructor of the Introduction to Psychology (1010) course please be aware of the following procedures related to your role in promoting and tracking student participation in psychology related research projects. 

1. At the beginning of each course you should introduce students to the research requirement. You may use the following link to explain to students the department’s research requirement Student Research Requirement. This link provides the minimum requirements for students enrolled in Introduction to Psychology courses. You may add more to the minimum requirements but do not require less of the students. This will assure a minimal standard in the department. 
Be sure to emphasize to students that they are responsible for tracking their completion of the required research credits. Let them know that they need to have the RPRs (described under section 3 below) to prove their participation. If you do not place the responsibility on them you will find that students will continually ask you about how much they have completed or need to complete. 
2. To assist faculty in tracking research participation opportunities for students, a “Psy 1010 Research Participation” 3-ring binder has been placed in the Psychology Department Office. The contents of the binder include a) a one page project summary of all studies currently underway or already completed for a given semester, and b) a list of all Psy 1010 students and the number of research credits they have completed by faculty member (see below for more on this). 
Each semester, one member of the Human Subjects Committee will be assigned to keep the binder up to date throughout the semester. As an instructor you should refer students to the research participation clipboards found on the north wall outside of the Psychology Department Office (a banner reading “Psy 1010 Research Projects” is now hanging above the clipboards). Students should check the clipboards periodically during the semester to become aware of research participation opportunities. 
3. Student research participation is tracked in two ways. First, each student who participates in a study must be given a “Research Participation Receipt” or “RPR” signed by the primary investigator. Inform your students that if they are not given a receipt for their participation they should request it from the researcher. This also applies to online studies. Students must be able to print off a receipt that certifies participation in the study. Each student should keep the RPR/s as proof of participation in a given experiment. These receipts can be collected by you at the end of the semester to calculate the student’s research participation points. 
A second tracking procedure is also used. This procedure requires that the primary investigator of each project submit a list of participants to the Human Subjects Committee. Using the submitted list of participants, a member of the Human Subjects Committee records the participation of each student in the “Psy 1010 Research Participation” 3-ring binder that has been placed in the Psychology Department Office. At the conclusion of the semester each faculty member will be given a summary report of their student’s research participation. If records appear to be inaccurate or incomplete the primary investigator will be contacted to remedy any discrepancies. You should not expect the summary participation list until the last day of class. If you need these summaries sooner you will need to establish another method of tracking student participation. For example, some faculty members have required an earlier deadline for the students to complete the research requirement and have used the RPRs to calculate student grades.