Psychology 1010 Instructor Information

Psychology 1010 Student Research Process Summary 

The current policy in the department is that all students enrolled in face to face and online Introduction to Psychology (1010) courses be involved in a minimum of 10 credits of research. A credit is defined as 15 minutes of involvement in an approved research activity. Therefore, each student needs to participate in at least 2.5 hours of research during the semester. Students may choose from the following three options:

  • Alternative 1: Students may choose to act as participants in psychology related research projects.
  • Alternative 2: Students may observe research as it is being conducted and complete a written assignment on their experience and observations.
  • Alternative 3: Students may review professional journal articles and submit article reviews. 

Students may choose any combination of the three activities outlined to complete the required hours. Student involvement in the first research related activity will be tracked by the Department of Psychology’s Human Subjects Committee via Sona Systems. The last two research activities must be tracked by you as an instructor. 


Procedures for Alternative 1

 As an instructor of the Introduction to Psychology (1010) course please be aware of the following procedures related to your role in promoting and tracking student participation in psychology related research projects. 

1. If you do not already have a Sona Systems Instructor account, request one by emailing the Lab Manager. For detailed, how-to instructions please refer to the Instructor Documentation.

2. At the beginning of each course you should introduce students to the research requirement. For more detailed information please refer to the Ways to Meet Requirements page.  You may add more to the minimum participation requirement but do not require less of the students. This will assure a minimal standard in the department. Monitor student participation through your Sona Systems account. Credits are tracked through Sona Systems. Both you and the student will be able to see current credit totals. At the end of the semester, you will be able to print a credit total batch report. Use this report to assign appropriate grades for student participation.

Instructor process: