Timeline and Updates

The Presidential Search Committee is dedicated to conducting a transparent search process. This website and, specifically, this page are designed to communicate the latest updates and events pertaining to the search.

The following is a general overview of the search process:

  1. Formation of the Presidential Search Committee (completed)
  2. Selection of a search consultant (completed)
  3. Hosting of constituent meeting (completed)
  4. Call for nominations and applications (completed)
  5. Screening of candidate applications by the Presidential Search Committee (completed)
  6. Candidate interviews with Search Committee (completed)
  7. Search Committee deliberation and selection of finalists to recommend to the Board of Regents (completed)
  8. Public announcement of finalists (completed)
  9. Campus meetings with finalists (completed)
  10. Board of Regents interviews, selection, and announcement of new president (completed)


Finalists will be on the Weber State University campus Monday, Oct. 8, 2012 to meet with groups representing faculty, staff, students and administration. A list of the campus group participants is listed below.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9, the Board of Regents will interview the finalists in a closed session. The Board may convene a public meeting at 3:30 p.m. that day to select the President, or may reconvene another time, which will be announced at a later date.


Brian Rague Associate Professor, Computer Science
Kathy Edwards Associate Professor, Communications
Omar Guevara Director of Forensics/Instructor, Communications
Shannon Butler Professor, English
Gary Dohrer Professor, English
Alicia Giralt Professor, Foreign Language
John Armstrong Associate Professor, Physics
Molly Smith Professor, Health Promotion and Human Performance
Shelly Costley Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
Mitch Oki Assistant Professor, Respiratory Therapy
Ryan Pace Associate Professor, Accountancy/Director MACC & MTAX
Louise Moulding Professor, Teacher Education
Eric Amsel Chair/Professor/Psychology
Susan Matt Professor, Chair, History
Laine Berghout Professor/Chair/Chemistry
Brad Carroll Professor/Chair/Physics
Kristin Radulovich Coordinator, Teacher Education Advisement (PSAC Chair)
Lynette Jensen Specialist, Continuing Education (PSAC Chair elect)
Kristie Nielsen Director, CE Marketing & Communications
Alan Ferrin Academic Tech Training & Planning
Amber Robson Marketing Manager, Campus Stores
Carey Anson Student Affairs Technology Coordinator/Computer Labs
Debra Murphy Academic Advisor - Arts & Humanities
Margie Esquibel Associate Director, Alumni Relations
Mark Read Database Analyst
Melissa Leonard Program Coordinator - Alumni
Helen Fink Secretary, University Communications - CSAC Chair
Aubrey Jenkins Secretary, Psychology - CSAC Vice Chair
Marlen Avalos Administrative Specialist for VP Student Affairs
Genevieve Bates Office Specialist, Masters of English
Gina Naisbitt Office Specialist, College of Applied Science & Technology
Jeanette Lowe Office Specialist for Facilities Management
Marie Richards Assistant to the University Librarian
Abby Campbell Human Resources Technician
Betty Gilchrist Custodian Supervisor
Andrew Gardiner Student Body President
Brady Harris Senate President, Legislative Vice President
Michael Diamond Programming Vice President
Mindy Chamberlin Diversity Vice President
Julia Saxton Service Vice President
Mandie Barnes Leadership Vice President
Abelardo Saucedo Clubs And Organizations Vice President
Alexis Marquez Davis and Off-Campus Centers Vice President
Kelsey Spaulding Senator - College of Applied Science and Technology
Krystal Garner Senator - College of Arts and Humanities
Kimberly Tribe Senator - College of Education
A. J. White Senator - College of Science
Chelsie Greer Senator - College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Matthew Glover Senator - WSU Honors Program
Benjamin Eschler Senator - Residence Halls Students
Joshua Mullins Senator - Davis Campus Students
Jennifer Comer Senator - Veteran Students
Jeffrey Henry Senator - African American Students
Amy Pittman Senator - Asian Students
Viviana Felix Senator - Hispanic Students
Bruce Bowen Associate Provost for Enrollment Services
Bruce Davis Vice Provost and Dean of Continuing Education
Bret Ellis Vice President for Information Technology
David Ferro Dean, College of Applied Science & Technology
Francis Harrold Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Joan Hubbard University Librarian
Ken Johnson Associate Dean, Dumke College of Health Professions
David Matty Dean, College of Science
Madonne Miner Dean, Telitha E.  Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities
Brad Mortensen Vice President for University Advancement
Steve Nabor Senior Associate Vice President for Financial Services
Brett Perozzi Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Jack Rasmussen Dean, Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education
Yasmen Simonian Dean, Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions
Brian Stecklein Associate Dean of Continuing Education
Cliff Nowell Associate Dean, Goddard School of Business & Economics
Norm Tarbox Vice President for Administrative Services
Ryan Thomas Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Mike Vaughan Provost
Jan Winniford Vice President for Student Affairs