Search Committee Members

Utah State Board of Regents

  • Regent Bob Marquardt* | Committee Chair
  • Regent Wilford Clyde
  • Regent Nolan Karras
  • Regent Teresa Theurer

Weber State University Board of Trustees

  • Trustee Chair Alan Hall
  • Trustee Vice-Chair Jim Beardall
  • Trustee Mary Hall | WSU Alumni Association President
  • Trustee Andrew Gardiner | 2012 WSU Student Association President

Faculty and Staff

  • Forrest Crawford | Asst. to the President for Diversity and Teacher Education Professor
  • Bruce Davis | Vice Provost and Dean of Continuing Education
  • Colleen Garside | Faculty Senate Chair and Communication Professor
  • Betty Gilchrist | Classified Staff Advisory Committee Chair
  • Michael Hernandez | Geosciences Associate Professor and past Faculty Senate Executive Committee member
  • Brenda Kowalewski | Community Involvement Center Director and Sociology Professor
  • Kristie Nielsen | Professional Staff Advisory Committee Chair
  • Yasmen Simonian | Dean of Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions
  • Michael Vaughan | Provost
  • Jan Winniford | Vice President for Student Affairs

WSU Donor and Community Leaders

  • Jane Brewer | Community leader and past chair WSU Board of Trustees
  • Jewel Lee Kenley | Business owner, community leader and past trustee
  • Richard Stromberg | Stewart Education Foundation Executive Committee
  • Frank Ruiz | Community Representative
If you have any questions about the search committee or would like to contact the committee, please do so through Cameron Martin in the USHE Commissioner’s Office at (801) 321-7111 or