Search Committee Charge

The Utah State Board of Regents charges the Weber State University Presidential Search Committee with the responsibility of compiling an appropriately talented, credentialed, and diverse candidate pool; then, to recommend three to five qualified candidates from that pool to the Board of Regents for final consideration. In order to accomplish this responsibility, the Search Committee is tasked with hosting “constituent meetings to seek public input regarding the qualifications of the ideal candidates and to explain the search process” (Regents’ Policy R203).

The ideal candidates will have a proven history of being a collaborator and effectively working with faculty, staff, students, donors, the community, and political and legislative bodies. Additionally, ideal candidates will understand that an institutional president has responsibility both to the Utah System of Higher Education and the institution. Institutional presidents are also to “maintain effective informational liaison with members of the Utah Legislature” (Regents’ Policy R201-3.1., Utah Code §53B-2-106).

Finally, the Presidential Search Committee is charged with finding and recommending candidates who will meet the needs of the institution, champion higher education and its role within the state’s economy, and enthusiastically support the mission of WSU and its role as an educational, cultural and economic leader for the region.

2020 Plan Vision Statement for Weber State University

As the state’s first comprehensive regional state university that also retains a community college mission, Weber State is a state leader in serving as an educational, cultural and economic center for its region.

Weber State is expected to see significant increased demand for educational offerings over the coming decade. To facilitate the growth, expansion of the Davis Campus, greater use of online education, and funding will be required. Additional master’s level degrees will be needed to meet a growing population and economic base.

Weber will continue to lead the way in embedding associate degree programs within a regional university. In this role, Regents look to Weber State to provide leadership in defining the model of hosting a community college within a regional state university.

Regents also look to Weber to provide service programs and leadership in assisting regional economic development, particularly as it relates to talent development. Community engagement is viewed as a key element in the future development of WSU.

Weber State University Mission Statement

Weber State University provides associate, baccalaureate and master degree programs in liberal arts, sciences, technical and professional fields. Encouraging freedom of expression and valuing diversity, the university provides excellent educational experiences for students through extensive personal contact among faculty, staff and students in and out of the classroom. Through academic programs, research, artistic expression, public service and community-based learning, the university serves as an educational, cultural and economic leader for the region. (Approved 2011)