Envision Pre-Optometry Club

Weber State University


Article I


            Section 1.  Weber State Pre-Optometry Club


            Section 2.  Non-profit organization


            Section 3.  To maintain membership in good standing one must:

·         Filling out application form and paying membership fee (renewal or first time fee)

·         Met with an advisor and declared pre optometry with Susan Himelright

·         Gpa being above 3.00

·         Participating at least 2 meeting s  a semester

·         Abiding by all rules and regulations imposed by school and state law

            Section 4.  The purposes of this organization are:

·         To provide networking with professionals, scholarship providers, and recruiters in Optometry to better prepare candidates in  the application process for Optometry school

·         Provide opportunities for service

·         Educate candidates about different Optometry programs

Article II


            Section 1.  Anyone interested in Optometry is eligible for membership. 


            Section 2.  The two categories of membership are presidency and member.


Section 3.  To obtain membership, one must fill out an application form and pay the

                        membership fee.


Section 4.  See Article I, Section 3.  A member can be removed from the rolls of the

                        organization for not abiding by any of the club’s rules.  Removal will be

                        decided by a unanimous vote of the presidency.


Article III


            Section 1.  There are currently three officers but this number is subject to change. 

                                    The requirement for being an officer is based on seniority within the



            Section 2.  Duties and general responisibilites of an officer include:

·         Planning meetings

·         Delegating responsibilities

·         Approval of activities

·         Contacting professionals/recruiters


Article IV


            Section 1.  No standing committees.


            Section 2.  No special committees.


Article V


            Section 1.  Regular meetings are to be held once a month with variable dates.  They will

                                    be called by the presidency.


            Section 2.  Two people are needed for a quorum.


            Section 3.  Decisions are made by approval of the presidency.


            Section 4.  Special meetings may be called by the presidency if necessary.


Article VI


            Section 1.  The club shall not provide monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its

                                    directors or membership except as payment for services rendered in the

                                    form of wages, salaries, or incentives.


            Section 2.  Residual assets shall be donated to Friends for Sight.


Article VII


            Section 1.  Provisions for by-laws will be established by an online poll and presidency

                                    presidency approval.


Article VIII


            Section 1.  Anyone can propose a committee and submit the proposal to the presidency

                                    for review.  A two week notice will be given to members of an upcoming

                                    vote and the committee will take effect immediately after a successful



            Section 2.  A presidency consensus is needed to pass a vote.


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Signatures of Officer/Witnesses: