Written Publications by Faculty

No. 4-16a    Rev.       Date 9-4-79       


Faculty written publications (textbooks, laboratory manuals, etc.) shall be given the same consideration in the University Bookstore as those written by faculty members of other institutions. Faculty are encouraged to develop materials in cooperation with established reputable publishers or through the University Bookstore.

The following are to serve as guides in implementing this policy:

A. Publications written solely for campus use are to be approved prior to publication by deans, department heads and/or appointed administration representatives.

B. Authors shall negotiate directly with recognized publishers as private individuals. It is understood that Weber State University shall not be a party in any way to such negotiations. The author agrees not to commit the University to any agreement made with the publishers.

C. Materials written for publication by the Weber State University Bookstore to be accompanied by the following declaration:


I (we)

AUTHOR(s) of the publication

to be used for

Class, Lab--Quarter, Year

have complied with all copyright laws, grants or patents pertaining to included materials and have not knowingly violated same and do hereby accept responsibility for such authorship of the above named publication and guarantee Weber State University free of any responsibility from damages costs and/or expenses which may arise from breach of this guarantee.

D. The University Bookstore shall be the sole agency for selling publications to students on campus and Weber State University faculty and employees are prohibited from selling any materials directly to students for purposes of any class, laboratory, project or other activities sponsored in the name of the University.

E. The University Bookstore and Weber State University may, at their discretion, establish propitious royalties and/or remuneration schedules for faculty-authored publications.