No. 4-16     Rev. 8-4-79       Date 4-20-77       


Textbook - The term textbook shall include books, pamphlets, manuals, lab books, etc., that a course instructor requires to be purchased and shall include other materials, either printed or recorded, that a student is required to purchase in order to participate fully in a course offering.


A. The selection of textbooks shall rest with the faculty. Textbooks selected will be cleared in the department and a record of the textbooks selected shall be maintained by the department. It shall be the responsibility of the department chair to provide his dean and the Bookstore a list of the textbooks required by his/her department for the next academic year, before dead week of Spring Quarter.

B. When selecting a required textbook(s), faculty members shall be particularly sensitive to the following factors:

1. Utility

The textbook should serve the purposes of the course adequately and will be needed and used by students.

2. Cost

Care should be exercised in keeping textbook cost minimal. Careful consideration should be given to the selection of paperbacks if the criteria of utility and cost can be met.

C. A strong attempt shall be made to select a common text for those classes involved in multiple sections. The textbook(s) shall be selected by the participating instructors and approved by the department chair.

D. The number of textbooks required shall be optional with the instructor. If the total cost is deemed excessive, copies shall be made accessible in the Reserve Room of the Library.

E. Textbooks selected shall be adopted for not less than one year and preferably for two years. Departure from this policy shall be permitted only in very special cases upon the approval of the department chair and the dean.

F. The Bookstore shall maintain and post in a conspicuous place a list of the textbooks that shall be required for a particular academic year. The list shall be kept current by reflecting any officially authorized changes.

G. When a textbook change is made prior to the one-year or two-year adoption period, such a change shall be reflected on an official change form approved by the department chair and the dean and distributed to the Bookstore and the Signpost to effect changes in the textbook list and to appropriately advise the students.

H. No faculty member shall require students to purchase textbooks, as that term is defined herein, in which the faculty member has a financial interest without a prior approval of the appropriate dean or, in his/her absence, the provost.