Personnel Relations

No. 3-15 Rev. Date 8-17-77


A. Under the direction of the president, University administrative officers shall

1. Establish fair and orderly procedures for administering personnel relations which

a. Satisfy all applicable legal requirements, including but not limited to the Affirmative Action Program and non-discriminatory employment policy of the University, and

b. Assure respect for the dignity of each employee and encourage interpersonal cooperation and support.

2. Appoint competent supervisors who are concerned for the needs and career development of the employees within their areas of responsibility.

3. Inform employees about the progress of the University and whenever possible give advance notice of changes that would affect his/her job.

4. Provide clear and accepted channels for the consideration of suggestions, grievances or complaints.

5. Provide the maximum job security which fair treatment and good planning can provide.

6. Provide fair and competitive compensation and benefits consistent with appropriated and available funds.

7. Maintain safe working conditions.

8. Provide the opportunities and help needed by employees to advance and achieve commensurate with ability.

B. University employees are expected to

1. Render satisfactory performance in their assigned positions, consistent with established job requirements and University and departmental standards.

2. Observe established practices and procedures in the performance of assigned responsibilities, and in the presentation of suggestions, complaints or grievances to University supervisors and officials. Whenever feasible, interviews with University officers should be arranged by appointment.

Questions relating to any aspect of University personnel practices and any proposals for changes therein should be addressed to the director of Human Resources.