Termination of Employment (Non-Faculty)

No. 3-10    Rev.   06-27-07    Date  8-17-77     



A. Resignation

This form of termination includes formal notice of discontinuance of service, leaving work without proper approval, failure to report to work for two (2) consecutive work days, or failure to return to work following approved leave (vacation, sick leave, L.W.O.P., etc.,) for two consecutive work days.  Resignation constitutes a break in continuous service, regardless of any subsequent reemployment unless specific approval is obtained from the supervising vice president in consultation with the director of Human Resource for reinstatement of previous service time.

B. Release

This form of termination is due to completion of temporary work assignment or failure to meet required work standards during the probationary period (six months).

C. Layoff

This form of termination is caused by reduction in force due to lack of funds, work or other compelling reasons.

D. Discharge

This form of termination results from a serious or repeated infraction of personnel or safety policy, failure to comply with corrective recommendations which have been brought to the employee's attention or serious misbehavior.


The University strives to provide continuous employment through effective planning and selection of employees.  Terminations which occur through voluntary or involuntary actions are handled in a manner to achieve the least adverse effect upon the employee and the University.

A. Notice of Termination

1. An employee should give at least two weeks' prior notice unless, due to extenuating circumstances, the University agrees to a shorter period of notice.

2. Resignations should be submitted in writing to the department head or supervisor.

3. The University shall give permanent employees (those who have completed their probationary period) two (2) weeks' notice of termination, unless separation is due to discharge.

4. Temporary personnel shall be given as much notice as is reasonable, but no minimum time is required.

B. Termination Benefits

1. Employees who terminate after the probationary period shall be paid for earned but unused vacation leave to a maximum of thirty (30) days plus the current year's earned vacation time. 

2. Medical, life and disability insurance coverage ends at the end of the last work day. The University complies with the provisions of federal COBRA statutes requiring temporary continuation of benefits at the employee's cost.

3. Compensation shall not be paid for unused sick leave.

C. Exit Interview

1. Each terminating employee shall report to the Human Resource Office on or before the last day of employment for clearance and an exit interview.

D. Termination Forms

1. A payroll action request form shall be completed for every terminating employee and forwarded to the Human Resource Office through the appropriate dean.  This action should be taken immediately upon learning of a termination and before the last paycheck is released.  A telephone call to the Human Resource Office will expedite termination procedures.

2. An employment release form must be completed and the required signatures obtained before the last working day.  This form must be completed before the final paycheck can be released.