The Department of Zoology serves diverse roles at WSU. Courses in the department include those that meet the life-science general-education requirement, those that are service courses for students pursuing careers in medicine, and courses for science majors, with emphasis on zoology majors. All courses are designed and delivered in a manner consistent with the Zoology mission statement and measurable learning outcomes. Thus, courses are diverse and emphasize both important zoological content and practical skills relevant to biological fields.  Coursework serves as the formal venue for zoological study, but many students also engage in independent study.  These students typically work with faculty members in research projects.  Many such projects produce professional-quality results and give students substantial education and experience.  Faculty members are well qualified and students overall indicate teaching in the department is better or much better than average. Advising in the department is organized by potential career path, so very specialized and relevant career advice is available to the large majority of zoology majors and pre-professional students. Faculty members are active in research and community service, which enriches their teaching and, especially, independent work with students. 

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