Women & Gender Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Updated: January, 2016
Current for the 2016/17 Academic Year

Women & Gender Studies is devoted to the academic study of the roles, contributions, and scholarship of women. Women & Gender Studies explores issues of ethnicity (including what has been historically termed race), class, sexual preference and gender as they impact women's lives in a variety of cultural contexts. It promotes new areas of research, discovers lost contents of human history, identifies women's place in contemporary life, and encourages a sense of empowerment among students through analysis of their commonality of experience. The Women & Gender Studies minor prepares students to pursue graduate work or employment in professional and community organizations, with emphasis on critical self-reflection and responsible decision-making.

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of foundational and contemporary research and theoretical literature in the field of Women and Gender Studies.
    1. Read, understand, and evaluate feminist theories and scholarship.
    2. Identify, compare, and evaluate culturally and historically specific constructions of gender.
  2. Students will apply their knowledge of women and gender studies.
    1. Apply their knowledge of women and gender studies by analyzing current social and political situations from those perspectives.
    2. Articulate the ways in which systems of power, privilege, and oppression shape our experiences as individuals and members of communities.