Results of Assessment

1)    Reflecting on this year’s assessment(s), how does the evidence of student learning impact your faculty’s confidence in the program being reviewed; how does that analysis change when compared with previous assessment evidence?

There is no similar assessment evidence with which to compare.  This year’s assessment report makes it very clear that Women’s Studies must do regular assessment so that we can track our student learning.  It is clear that the Women’s Studies Coordinator must clearly outline to the faculty what is needed for assessment.  She must also support and help them accomplish meaningful assessment every semester and not just at the end of the academic year.

2)    With whom did you share the results of the year’s assessment efforts?  

These results, or lack thereof, will be shared with the Women’s Studies Executive Council and the Women’s Studies faculty for academic year 2012 – 2013.

3)    Based on your program’s assessment findings, what subsequent action will your program take?

An assessment handbook will be created to give to Women’s Studies faculty.  This document will give instructions on what is required of them to contribute to the yearly assessment report.  It will list the learning outcomes of their Women’s Studies class for both the program and Social Science General Education requirements.  It will contain Tables Fa, Fb, Fc, and G from this Annual Assessment of Evidence of Learning Report, AAELR.   It will also have semester due dates for materials (student artifacts, grading rubrics, faculty comments on learning outcomes, etc.) and completed Tables for the report.  This handbook will be given out by the first week of a semester and followed with a meeting with the Women’s Studies Coordinator to answer questions about assessment and the AAELR.  If faculty do not submit assessment materials and Tables as requested, they will not be asked to teach for Women’s Studies in the future.    


To see the full report, select this link: Women's Studies 2011/12 Assessment Report