Visual Arts and Design

Our world is partially understood through smell, taste, sound, and touch. But perhaps most of all we make sense of our environment through what we see. The art, architecture, mass media and even the furniture in our spaces bear distinct messages that influence our decisions and enrich life.Creative processes are exciting. Students of art and design contribute new expression to the vitality of our visual environment and learn to interpret what is seen through trained observation. Innovative thinking is absolutely necessary for success and must be balanced against research and critical judgment. Emphasis is placed on writing and the critical evaluation of artistic products. Students gain experience at preparing exhibits and portfolios for eventual professional activity.
Studies in art, art history and design offer windows of understanding to other cultures, both past and present. This is one of our primary concerns in preparing citizens for productive relations in an increasingly multicultural society.
Seventy-eight different courses are offered by the Department of Visual Arts and Design. These span traditional areas such as art history, art education, ceramics, drawing, small metals/jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and graphic design. The department is continually expanding into emerging modes of expression involving digital video, digital photography, animation, interactive design, and sound. Classes are enhanced by public lectures, seminars, workshops and special sessions by critics, historians, and visiting artists

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