Network Technology and Business Multimedia

The Department of Telecommunications & Business Education offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business/Multimedia Technologies or Telecommunications, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Administration, Business Education Composite Teaching, or Business/Multimedia Technologies. Minors are offered in Telecommunications, Business/Multimedia Technologies, Business/Marketing Education, and Business Education. The last two minors require an education major.  Also offered are a Telecommunications Certificate program and a Network Technologies Certificate program. 

The department offers courses in word processing, spreadsheets, database management, telecommunications, local area networks, desktop publishing, graphics, business communications, multimedia, network certification, and other related areas.

Telecommunications Administration graduates study both the side and the sides of the discipline. On the voice side, students learn about designing, installing, and managing phone systems, and making decisions regarding the purchase and operation of hardware and software. On the data side, students learn about computer networks, network operating systems, and computer application programs.

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Dr. Allyson Saunders
1408 University Circle
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