Ott Planetarium

Assessment Plan

Submitted 04/11/02

  1. Interview the faculty teaching the astronomy course to assess the quality, function, and need of resources for supporting the course.
  2. Conduct random audience surveys to assess the quality of the programs. Offer free astronomy posters as part of a drawing to encourage people to submit their survey.
  3. Mail a survey to local teachers to evaluate (and advertise!) the programs/field trips available. Offer a free field trip to be selected from those who return the surveys.
  4. Monitor the staff to see if they have learned new skills with the telescopes and other equipment and to see how their public presentation skills are improving.
  5. Keep a phone log of questions asked by the public, teachers and media. Keep track of articles published and other media activity that relates to the planetarium.
  6. Query the planetarium list server for similar planetariums and compare their programs to ours. This can include cost of admission, budget, attendance numbers, etc. (Annual attendance numbers are already available both nationally and globally and are available based on planetarium size.)
  7. Periodically review program content to make sure it is accurate and current. Compare programs used by the schools with the Utah Core Curriculum for Science.
  8. Do long term tracking of attendance at planetarium events to look for trends.

Assessment Plan Summary Grid

Assessment Method:

Desired Outcomes:

1. Faculty interviews & surveys 2. Audience surveys 3. Teacher & leader surveys 4. Monitor the Staff 5. Log phone calls & interviews 6. Compare operations w/ similar planetariums 7. Review show accuracy & match to Utah Core Curriculum 8. Track usage
1. Learning environment that supports WSU faculty and students X         X    
2. Interesting programs that improve science knowledge   X X     X X  
3. Programs match needs of teachers and youth leaders.     X   X   X X
4. Physics majors improve skills.       X        
5. Preferred choice for local astro. information.     X   X     X
6. People will become interested in astronomy as a hobby.                
7. People get a positive impression of science and WSU. X X X   X   X X