Learning English for Academic Purposes

The Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) Department offers a broad spectrum of language courses for Englishlanguage learners (both resident and international). The language program consists of seven proficiency levels (beginning to high-advanced). Levels 1-6 consist of five classes each, with each class emphasizing a specific language skill, such as writing,reading, speaking and listening, grammar, pronunciation (levels 1-4) , and community engagement (levels 5-6). The seventhlevel, the Bridge level, offers high-advanced writing and reading courses. All courses in levels 4-7 are content based,introducing students to features of American academic and social culture, and history. They are also credit- bearing and canbe included as the language requirement for a BA degree, or electives in the BS degree

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Debi Sheridan (Sirideain)
Weber State University
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